The task force identified the following issues and causes of Inappropriate Behavior by parents and spectators.


  1. Parent expectations of players is too high.
  2. Influence of professional style and attitudes on youth hockey.
  3. Over emphasis on winning and awards/rewards for winning .
  4. Lack of understanding of the rules and the game.
  5. Expense of playing creates a feeling of entitlement for unhealthy input and level of involvement.
  6. Parental lack of respect for coaches, officials, administrators, and opponents.
  7. Parents living through their child’s experience – taking away fun.
  8. Undermining the coaches and officials to their child.
  9. Hockey too important/lack of balance between sport, education and other activities.
  10. Negative, demeaning verbal and body language (parent to player).
  11. Lack of responsibility for one’s (parent’s, child’s) behavior/excuses for misbehavior/placing blame on others.
  12. Lack of positive involvement by parents in team support activities.
  13. Lack of respect for rules – cheating is o.k., if you win.
  14. No one in local youth organizations/leagues responsible for adult behavioral problems, nor is anyone available at all games to address situations which occur.
  15. Atmosphere of tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Parents seeing little need for practice. Failure to support player training.
  16. Lack of sportsmanship.
  17. General lack of perspective of the value and lessons of youth sports and lack of knowledge of goals and objectives of the youth hockey program.
  18. Justifying and encouraging overly aggressive, violent play.